About Us

Beijer Ref Eesti OÜ, formerly known as Külmakomponentide OÜ, is a leading importer and wholesaler of refrigeration equipment and accessories in Estonia. We offer our clients components, devices, and modules for cooling, heat pumps, and air conditioning systems. In addition to the aforementioned, our product range includes industrial refrigeration (ammonia) and carbon dioxide equipment and accessories.

The company is part of the largest wholesale company group in Europe, Beijer Ref. The group has expanded rapidly beyond Europe in recent years, targeting markets in Asia, Oceania, and Africa.

In addition to wholesale, there is a strong focus on the production of self-manufactured refrigeration equipment. Among the well-known brands of the group are refrigeration units from the Italian manufacturer SCM Frigo.

An exclusive cooperation agreement has also been signed with the world-renowned air conditioner manufacturer Carrier, covering the sale of air conditioners in the European market.

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Beijer Ref Eesti OÜ started its operations in 1997 in Tallinn. Starting from a small retail space, we quickly achieved a leading position as a wholesaler of refrigeration technology in the Estonian market within a few years. The increasing volume of goods, expanded product range, and customer demand necessitated the need to move to new and larger premises as early as 2002. At the same time, our reputation grew among customers in Southern Estonia, leading to the opening of a second office in Tartu in 2005.


Our goal is to provide our clients with long-term, sustainable, economically viable, and energy-efficient solutions in the selection of refrigeration equipment. These can only be achieved by using high-quality products and uncompromising professionalism. We are well acquainted with the refrigeration sector, specific requirements, and legislation, and we continuously train our clients. Our aim is to create long-term customer relationships by constantly bringing new solutions to the market in our sector, and we want to help our customers grow and succeed with us.


We continuously train our small team and keep an eye on the refrigeration sector worldwide. Our open atmosphere and dedicated employees make dealing with us and daily communication easy. As experts in our field, we are in sync with our clients. Our knowledge and work style provide significant added value to our clients in their daily operations.