Sinclair air conditioners provide comfortable indoor climate during hot summer months. These devices are primarily designed for cooling spaces, providing fresh and cool air to alleviate heat and maintain optimal temperature.
Sinclair air-to-water heat pumps offer versatile options that help save energy, reduce carbon emissions, and ensure optimal indoor climate throughout every season. There are several models of air-to-water heat pumps available. The conventional version comes with a built-in boiler, the version with a hydro module, and the innovative monoblock series. In the latter, the refrigeration circuit remains completely outdoors while the water piping is connected to the outdoor unit. For the first two solutions, the heating water remains indoors while the refrigeration piping is brought into the living space.
Almost all heat pumps are equipped with Wi-Fi modules and operate quietly, and there are models available that can keep rooms warm even when the outside temperature drops to -30°C.