From Danfoss's product range, you can find hermetic compressor models from both scroll and piston compressor families. Additionally, there are units from the Optyma™ Plus, Optyma™ Plus INVERTER, and Optyma™ Slim series, using HFC and HFO gases as refrigerants. These units are suitable for cold rooms, small-store refrigerated displays, petrol station refrigerated displays, and some industrial refrigeration processes.
Danfoss's electronic product line is named ADAP-KOOL, with the first electronic controllers introduced to the market already in the 1980s.
Compressor control: AK-PC 782A, AK-PC 771A, AK-PC 572, AK-PC 551
Evaporator control: AK-CC 750, AK-CC 550A, AK-CC 55, AK-CC 300/200; ERC 2xx
Remote monitoring: AK-SM 800, AK-PI 200
In addition, a number of sensors and an electronic expansion valve AKV