LU-VE Group

Representing one of Europe's largest manufacturers of lamellar products, LU-VE, headquartered in Uboldo, Italy, with manufacturing units in Europe, Asia, and America. The manufacturer's portfolio includes evaporators, condensers, gas coolers, and dry coolers. Refrigerants include well-known HFCs, HCFCs, as well as newer favorites HFOs and CO2 substances.
The product range covers evaporators for deep freezing, medium cooling, and air conditioning. Equipment comes with various defrosting options, including without defrosting, electric defrost, hot gas defrost, and warm glycol defrost.
Models can be ordered with ceiling or wall mounting, according to project requirements.
Units are available as 1/230V/50Hz or 3/400V/50Hz models, according to customer preferences and project requirements. LU-VE offers fans with different rotation speeds for evaporators, crucial for cool/cold rooms where people work. Models are available with ON-OFF type fans or with 0-10V control. Attention should also be paid to noise level during design. LU-VE offers standard solutions as well as models with reduced noise levels. The manufacturer holds Eurovent/TÜV SÜD certification.